Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Victories All The Way Game 3

On the 24th of August, Victories All The Way's Game No.2 was posted.

Today we are posting Game No.3 :


自字 列手炮(共五局)

1. 炮八平五 炮2平5 2. 马八进七 马2进3
3. 车九进一 车1平2 4. 车九平四 士6进5
5. 车四进七 马8进9 6. 兵三进一 车2进6
7. 马二进三 车2平3 8. 马三进四 卒3进1
9. 马四进三 炮8平6 10. 马三进五 象3进5
11. 炮二进五 马3进4 12. 炮五进四 车3进1
13. 炮五平七 车3平6 14. 炮二平五 士5进4
15. 炮七进三

1. C8=5 C2=5
2. N8+7 N2+3
3. R9+1 R1=2
4. R9=4 G6+5
5. R4+7 N8+9
6. P3+1 R2+6
7. N2+3 R2=3
8. N3+4 P3+1
9. N4+3 C8=6
10. N3+5

Notes & Interpretations

The opening formation of the game is the same as in Game No.1. Here the Knight captures the Central Cannon, in preparation for the Rook to play its part in shutting off the "Elephant's eyes" (a term used popularly to describe the link/communication line between the pair of Bishops).

10. ... B3+5
11. C2+5 N3+4
12. C5+4 ! R3+1
13. C5=7

Notes & Interpretations

By attacking the Rook, Red's Cannon reveals all the splendour of its inherent power. Now the two Cannons have taken a tight grip of the situation, threatening to give mate in all directions.

13. ... R3=6
14. C2=5 G5+4
15. C7+3 Mate

Notes & Interpretations

Had Black tried 14. ... N4-5, then 15. C7+3 wins by a "Palace Suffocation" mate.

Views & Impressions

Red's two Cannons give a fine and powerful demonstrations of attacking play, along the North-South axis and the East-West axis. Once again, Black's Rook and Knight in the left flank are unable to come into play. For an alternative final blow against Black's King, 15. C7=5 is as good as 15. C7+3.

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