Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fan informs us of Beijing tournament

We thank one of our Chinese chess fans who has kindly sent us the following news about a Xiangqi tournament to be held in Beijing in the beginning of November, so you are well informed in good time, the prize is attractive too, 50 thousand yuan !

Our Xiangqi fan writes :

Beijing tournament of Chinese Chess is to be held 1-5th, next month.

300 players accommadation. 100 Yuan RMB for the entry per person.
Tel: 8610- 64053963

The championship prize is 50 thousand RMB !!! You can visit the website, but it is in Chinese,, you can inform foreign players about this website. But they might need Chinese to help them to understand everything.

I really hope more and more foreign players could participate.

Best regards,

Signed by A Chinese Chess fan (Beijing)

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