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There is a 93-year-old King of Xiangqi in Nanhai
Dated : 2006-September-6th

There is a 93-year-old Qi Wang (Xiangqi King)

In Heshun, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, there is a well-known old man "Qi Wang Guang," whose original name was Jiang Yanguang(蒋延广), and many people like to call him "Uncle Guang" or simply "Qi Wang" (King of Xiangqi). At the age of 93, he has been in the chess scene for nearly 80 years.

Yesterday, the reporter met "Qi Wang Guang" in the Leisure Hall of the Heshun Village Community. The old man is in good spirits and has very sharp memory! Uncle Guang's first words when he saw the reporter, when revealing the "secret" of his longevity were: "It all came down to years of playing Xiangqi, mind power really."

At the beginner: Young Worker Self-taught Art of Xiangqi

Since the beginning of August this year, at the call of the township Youth League Committee and the village Community, Uncle Guang has opened a free Xiangqi class in the Leisure Hall of the village. Instantly about 30 primary and secondary schools pupils joined the class.

Born in 1914, Uncle Guang worked in a grocery store at the tender age of 15. During that period, whenever he had his work finished, Uncle Guang liked to go and watch people playing the game, and soon he learned to play it well, and with the guidance of his chess teacher, his knowledge and skills improved greatly.

The Trick: Good at dissecting the endgame

“Qi Wang Guang" 's name spread quickly locally.

Once, Heshun had held a Xiangqi tournament, and Kong Qingqiu(孔慶球), a native of the town who had returned from Guangzhou, signed up for the competition after knowing about it, and he lost to Uncle Guang in the final stage. He was not convinced, so he sent a challenge letter to Uncle Guang for a direct encounter. Uncle Guang gladly accepted the challenge, and the two fought it out like dragon and tiger behind closed doors. At the end of the day, Uncle Guang won 27 out of a set of 40 games, Kong Qingqiu this time was convinced, and he bowed down, and said that Uncle Guang's Xiangqi King of Heshun was well deserved.

What Uncle Guang relishes the most is the classic endgames, and what an endgame such as "The Vertical Rook and Knight Sacrifice Formation"(横车献马阵), which can be described as a treasure according to Uncle Guang. "The highest level of playing Xiangqi is knowing the Openings (start) and the Endgames (end)!", he insisted, quite seriousness.

Apprenticeship: Passing the baton

Since the establishment of the Lishui Town Art of Xiangqi Association, Uncle Guang has been appointed as a coach, focusing on educating the junior players. Once Uncle Guang's students had formed a team to participate in the junior three-game (Xiangqi, Chess and Weiqi) tournament in Nanzhuang, and the result was good : one championship and two runners-up, and when Uncle Guang heard the news, he immediately composed a poem : "The trumpet blows in the chess arena of Nanzhuang, and the young generals of Heshun thundered, carefully looking for the way to win the championship and victory brought the smile well earned in return."(南庄棋坛号角吹,和顺小将一声雷,临场细心寻子路,夺取冠亚笑颜回。”

Long-cherished wish: Write the life experience into a book

During the casual conversation, Uncle Guang inadvertently revealed that he had a wish, that is, he wanted to write a book about his years of chess experience and leave it to his juniors, and let them understand the truth of Xiangqi.

The moral of "The Vertical Rook and Knight Sacrifice Formation" endgame is to warn us not to miss the overall situation because we are too greedy for capturing one piece."

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Source : 象棋大师网

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(Xiangqi News) The 18th World Xiangqi Championship 2023 will be held from November 20th to 25th at the Royal Sonesta Grand Hotel in Houston, USA, with a total prize fund of 400,000 yuan.

There will be four main events, including Men's Individual, Women's Individual, Men's Team, and Women's Team.

Leading players Wang Tianyi, Meng Chen, Liu Huan and Shen Sifan are selected for tbe Chinese Team.

In the previous World Xiangqi Championship held in Malaysia last year, Wang Tianyi and Zuo Wenjing won the Men's and Women's Individual respectively. Vietnam won the Men's Team championship, won also three more junior laurels, thus secured a total of four gold medals, and was victorious in the rapid chess tournament too.

The 2023 tournament is scheduled with the first five days being the World Championships for adults and juniors, and the last day being for the Open Xiangqi.

At present, the selection of personnel in various countries and regions around the world is in full swing.

The Xiangqi teams worldwide no doubt attached great importance to this World Championship. It is well known the Chinese team as early as March this year held a series of selection contests.

In the super battles that many chess fans were eagerly watching, in the Women's group, 11 rounds of play, Liu Huan won the contest with a one-point advantage, achieving a personal breakthrough. Shen Sifan was the runner-up.

As for Men's group, there was a fierce battle between Grandmaster Wang Tianyi and Grandmaster Meng Chen, when Wang Tianyi sacrificed a Knight to launch a great attack, his moves were sharp, the whole process was accurate, it was simply a masterpiece to watch.

That's it for the time being, the Xiangqi team of 20 players, led by Wang Tianyi and Meng Chen, will be rushing in due course to the 2023's 18th World Xiangqi Championships in Houston, USA.

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According to good source, the Xiangqi Association of UK will be sending Mr. Tian He (田 荷)to participate in the Houston, USA's World Championship November 2023.

He studies in University, is a leading player of the game and a Xiangqi Champion.

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Result of Mind Sports Olympiad's Xiangqi tournament, London held Sunday 20th August 2023 :

Gold medal to Carman Tang (Hong Kong)

Silver medal to Tam Wai Pong (Hong Kong)

Broze medal to Tung Yat Cheung (Hong Kong)

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(Xiangqi News) The "9th Yang Guanlin Cup" Xiangqi Open Tournament will be held from 22nd to 24th September 2023 at Hilton Hotel, Dongguan City, Guangdong.

The main organizers are China's Xiangqi Association, Guangdong Xiangqi Association and Dongguan Cultural, Media, Tourism and Sports Bureau.

Competition Projects : Men's and Women's Individual.

Eligibility : According to China's Xiangqi Association, Men's Individual : the topmost ranking players. Women's Individual : the topmost ranking players.

Prizes : Men: Champion 100,000 yuan, Runner-up 50,000, 3rd 30,000 RMB, 4th 15,000, 5th 12,000, 6th 10,000 down to 24th 4,000 yuan.

Women : Champion 50,000 yuan, Runner-up 30,000, 3rd 20,000, 4th 10,000 down to 10th 3,000 yuan.

Format of competitions : Men's 9 rounds of Swiss system. Women's all play all.

Timing : Basically 60 minutes to complete all moves, with 20 seconds added for each move.

Players will be provided with expenses for travelling, accomodation and meal.

They are requested to wear formal attire to attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

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(Xiangqi News) Vietnam is sending 6 top Xiangqi players to participate in the 19th Asian Games (ASIAD), which will open from the 23rd of September to closing in the 8th of October, to be held in the City of Hangzhou, China.

The selected players are Nguyen Thanh Bao, Lai Ly Huynh, Nguyen Minh Nhat Quang, Nguyen Hoang Yen, Le Thi Kim Loan and Nguyen Phi Liem.

According to the Sports Authority, a total of 320 athletes from Vietnam will attend the ASIAD in September, competing in 31 sporting events, including Xiangqi.

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Decades ago, Vietnam's No. 1 Trần Nga Sang said : I play Xiangqi like "evil-possessed"

by Ge Wanli(葛万里)
Yangcheng Evening News
12th August 2002

From the appearance alone, if Zheng Yasheng, who is thinly built walks on the streets of Guangzhou, no one would think that he is not a native. The writer Ge Wanli was curious when he had dinner with the Vietnamese team members yesterday and learned that Master Zheng is indeed from Guangdong and can also speak Cantonese.

Although Zheng Yasheng(郑亚生)has repeatedly stated that he speaks Cantonese poorly, this has not prevented him from clearly telling the media about his experience as "Vietnam's number one Xiangqi Master".

"I came across Xiangqi very accidentally, I could almost say very suddenly, as if I had "fallen for evil-possession". Zheng Yasheng's opening conversation made everyone laughed.

He explained with a smile that when he was 17 years old, one day he watched his neighbour friend Zhang Yaming(张亚明)playing the game, he was quite fascinated just by watching it.

At that particular moment, he realized instantly that the variations and combinations, the possibility of change and choice were so fascinating and unpredictable, that he became interested in starting playing.

"Since then, I have been playing as if there is no tomorrow, even neglecting my business and focusing just on the game. Playing in a Xiangqi café every day, and at nights too. Then, when my chess improved sufficiently, I went out to seek for masters players to practice, and yet more practice!" Zheng said.

Zheng Yasheng said that it was thanks to lot of actual over-the-board playing that his chess skills could be rapidly improved. From the beginning when Zhang Yaming could give him odds of a Knight, he has now progressed so much that he won the Vietnamese national championship for three consecutive years (2000, 2001 and 2002), and became the first international grandmaster of Vietnam by winning third place in the Asian Leading Players Tournament and 4th place of the World Xiangqi Championship 2001 respectively.

Zheng Yasheng, 40 years old now, has two daughters who are still at school. He told reporters that although Vietnam does not yet have professional Xiangqi players, he can basically make ends meet on tournament prizes and bonuses, and from coaching and a championship allowance (US$100 per month) from the government. He also said that there are many Xiangqi masters in the country, and if you slacken or inattentive for a moment, you will be caught up quickly, so if you want not to fall behind, you must constantly be able to compete with other masters.

As the main player of the Vietnamese team, Zheng Yasheng's opponent on the evening of 7th August was "China's number one Grandmaster" Xu Yinchuan(许银川). Speaking of Xu Yinchuan, Zheng Yasheng immediately looked a little excited, and his eyes full of admiration. He nodded towards Xu Yinchuan, who was sitting opposite and said, "Xu Yinchuan and Lu Qin(吕钦)are superstars. I came here mainly to learn, and I was so happy to have the opportunity to learn from Master Xu. Xu's Xiangqi is solid, his skills are comprehensive, especially there is no weakness."

Speaking of this when, at the same moment, a fan took out a small chess set, laid out an endgame on the table, and asked Xu Yinchuan for some playing hints. As soon as Zheng Yasheng saw it, he immediately stood up and walked quickly to Xu's side to listen to the endgame's analysis. Watching carefully at his focused expression, the reporter had another visual understanding of the meaning of what he had repeatedly said about his "obsession" and "learning from the master".

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Source : Yangcheng Evening News
12th August 2002

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在一本很久没有翻动的棋书中(方长勤 郭淑珑 温满红 编著),看到首页的“前言”提到善弈。换位思想,足球的善踢也一样道理吧。

棋有开局,中局,残局。足球也有开局,如 4-2-4,3-4-3,1-2-4-3 等等。中局是半场休息前后的一大段战役。残局是赛事将要结束前的一段最后战斗,有补充体力的考虑,加时续赛及踢罚球(penalties)的安排等等。



纹枰对弈如用兵打仗,阵形变化,深不可测。两军相搏,是智取,是强攻;是速战速决,是固守待机; 一切全在用兵有方,审时度势。古人说:“拈两指之兵,恍若千钧之弩”。可见,棋走一着,份量不轻。积前辈经验的棋谱好似兵书,古往今来,善弈者,莫不精研古谱,常拆排局(set piece)。他们之所以能作战有方,举棋若定,皆是受益其中。

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第27届智力奥林比亚运动会(27th Mind Sports Olympiad)定于8月20日到8月28日在伦敦举行。


比赛地点 :JW3, 341 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET




Diving Chess(跳水棋)则提前于8月13日(星期日)上午9时举行,地点 :Leonardo Royal Hotel, London E1 8GP




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