Monday, February 08, 2016

Go & Chinese Chess March 4th-6th In Dublin

Go & Chinese Chess Congress March 4th-6th 2016

The Irish Go Association working together with The UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland is presenting the 2016 Irish Confucius Cup tournaments, to take place once again at The Gresham Hotel right in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, and will be comprised of three tournaments:

– The Rapid Go Tournament
– The Confucius Cup Go Tournament
– The Confucius Cup Chinese Chess Tournament

The Chinese Chess tournament will consist of 7 rounds, 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.

Venue of Tournaments:
The Ballroom Suite
The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

Rules: The Chinese Chess tournament is to apply the Asian rules.
Time Settings: 45 minutes basic plus 10 seconds increment per move.

Prizes: cash amounts will be awarded to the top five competitors:
1st place      €1,000
2nd place     €400
3rd place     €300
4th place     €200
5th place     €100

Registration is now open for the Congress. For the Confucius Cup, the entry fee will be free for the Chinese Chess tournament players. Please send entry to Mr Rory Wales, email:

Chinese Chess Schedules:
Saturday 5th March
Round 1: 10.15
Round 2: 12.30
Round 3: 13.45
Round 4: 17.00
(Simultaneous display by Professionals 18.00)
Sunday 6th March
Round 5: 9.00
Round 6: 11.20
Round 7: 13.30
(Games reviews by Professionals afterwards)




— — 围棋快棋比赛
— — 孔子杯围棋比赛
— — 孔子杯中国象棋比赛


The Ballroom Suite
The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

规则: 中国象棋比赛将采用亚洲规则。

时间设置: 基本45分钟,每步加10秒。

奖励: 现金数额奖给成绩最好的五名棋手:

第一名 1,000欧元
第二名 400欧元
第三名 300欧元
第四名 200欧元
第五名 100欧元