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The ending of "棋艺" (Chess Art)

The Ending Of "棋艺" (Chess Art)

Since yesterday, the Xiangqi community has had a shocking news.

Founded in 1979, the "棋艺" (Chess Art) magazine will face a "suspension of publication" in July this year.

Suddenly in an abrupt way, a very sad farewell and departure.

Perhaps the traditional paper publications are now out of step with modern world after all.

With this year's sudden Covid epidemic, the butterfly effect has spread to all economic and social fields, a straw that kills the camel.

When I was in the fifth grade, there was a kiosk on the way to school that sold snacks and stationery, as well as various bulk magazines and publications. When most of my school friends were immersed in silly jokes, fantasy tales booklets and pirated comics, I had complete different interests, I can play Xiangqi, Pai Jiu, Mahjong, these were popular games among the middle-aged and elderly people, often I would search for "strategies" from publications to improve my competitive strength.

Parents and teachers feel "reliable and safe" about Xiangqi. Probably thinking that Xiangqi has some educational effect, they were willing to let their children to play the game. Mine tacitly allow me to mingle with the "uncles and elders" in the park's Xiangqi stall, I got little pocket money in order to buy Xiangqi publications.

I vaguely remember that "Chess Art" had endgame puzzle at the end of each issue - these endgames were simply hard to solve for me as a teenager. What kind of gods and people can solve these, I asked myself?

The manager mostly turned a blind eye when I took up a magazine, but seeing that I often crumpled the pages, he could not bear it anymore - after an exchange of words, we happily reached an agreement : when I read three or more magazines for free, I should pay at least for one.

The good times of our agreement did not last long, for about a year later, due to the expansion of the road construction, the kiosk was forced to relocate, and I lost the privilege of "free reading of chess magazines".

Because of our frequent house moving, the magazines that I once treasured at home has since scattered and disappeared from my life.

Many Xiangqi fans regard "Chess Art" as a timeless treasure and have a full collection. These chess magazines that grew up with them have finally become historic icons.

The end of "Chess Art" has saddened many Xiangqi fans. In an era of online technology, new move and new variant, within 24 hours, will quickly spread across the country. A certain "layout solution" given by advanced software and hardware will soon be shared on websites, such as Weibo and WeChat groups. It only takes a minute at most to search for the solution of Xiangqi puzzle, there is no need to wait for "Chess Art" to reveal the answer next month.

Just as more Xiangqi fans do not necessarily have to face each other, and the chess pieces need not be physically laid out in order to play a game, people across the world can play against each other simply by pointing the mouse or tapping the screen.

"Chess Art" may disappear, but the spirit and legacy have long been scattered everywhere, like a night sky full of glistening stars.

We said goodbye to "Chess Art", but we can't forget its enlightenment to beginners and masters alike. The advancement of Xiangqi knowledge has been engraved in our minds and condensed in every move we make.

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Source : 新浪体育

Dated : 2020年05月14日

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Monday, April 24, 2023

Xiangqi story from my heart


(It is nice sometimes to read again the older post, this one was dated Wednesday, February 22, 2006)

Xiangqi story from my heart

~ by Da Mian Mao ~

Before I was 8 years old, no one in my village had heard anything about Xiangqi. The villagers did play a sort of game using muddy ploughing fields as chessboard, stones as chess pieces, even then this primitive native game attracted a big crowd whenever it was played.

When I was 8 years old, suddenly the whole village was much attracted to the game of Xiangqi, it seemed that everyone was playing it, old and young.

One evening, Hu Yong, a young helping worker of my family asked my father whether he knew how to play Xiangqi, on hearing this, my father was tensed, and quite emotioned, as if drunk, it took him a moment to answer a single word: yes.

Later I realized that my father was a good player, when he was young, he had a job working as a county committee's secretary, and when he established his reputation in the Xiangqi circles, a player from the greater county committee contacted father and arranged to play a game.

That same evening, all the leading members of the county committee having heard the news came along to witness the battle, at the same time to have a chance of meeting the visitor, leader of the greater county committe.

Before the match, a county committe leader told my father, saying surely you will not win the game. The meaning of this was that hinting to my father, you must not win it. Maybe my father did not take what was said seriously, anyway the outcome of the match was my father won the game, and quite a convincing win, in such a way that the greater county committee leader felt very uneasy, as if he had lost his clothes in public.

The humiliated leader patted my father's shoulder, said to the host, comrade Xiao Huang is all right, worthy of nurturing. Since then my father's career went downhill, later downgraded to local comittee, and afterward, father resigned his post and retired, went back to his native village.

In the village there was another good player, an old colleague of my father. One day both of them played a game in the back garden, this quickly turned out to be a big event and attracted such an enormous crowd, after the game, everybody rushed forward surrounding both players just like they were two great movie stars, and I was trying to deal with the exciting situation, just as if I was my father's business agent or manager !

Since then, I was infatuated with Xiangqi, at the age of 12, I reached the strength that I seldom met equal opponent in the village. I played more often with my father, people in the village said I got the true style of my father, but I did not think I had it, my father used to play the Rook and Cannon well, with powerful attack in sweeping and wide open style, while I was swift and adventurous in playing my Knights. Naturally, I was still not equal to my father, I had yet to obtain a better position from him. I felt sometimes as if my arms were cut or tied, for my father never allowed me to take back a move.

At the age of 16, I left home to get my living, I travelled and worked in different places. One evening, my boss called me and we played a game in the office. While I was holding a chess piece, hovering it over the chessboard, the memory of my father playing a game with the committee leader came back to my mind, I hesitated slightly, and the boss won. He was very happy, he took a deep breath, laughed heartily. Yes, he had beaten a good player. Once again he had proved to himself his wisdom had succeeded in seeking the feeling of youth.

But for me, this way of playing the game was most unsatisfactory. I longed for the old days of carefree playing with my father. I keenly wanted to return back to my native village and sit down and play games with him.

I had left my village, in a blink of time, already 7 years. During this period, my father became older, bending a little, however, his attitude in life of never say die was still with him. When I arrived back at the village station, my father came to meet me, snatching my luggage, he said, son, have you made any progress in chess? I said, yes. Father laughed and said, I would not be scared by your progress, I am going to teach you a lesson and capture all your pieces on the chessboard.

Deep in my heart, I wanted to give my father a hard fighting game, however, I did not want to destroy my father's confidence and joy of the game, how can I ?

I lost my first game. Father said I was not concentrating enough on my game.

I lost again in my second game. Father took a puff of the smoke, and after a while, he said, son, your chess had progressed a lot. I said, no, I had not progressed as you may think, the old hand remained a better player than the new hand. Father said sombrely, my son, you have changed, you have learned to lie, you have learned to flatter, courting the world's favours. Finally, father sighed and said something with deep signification, he said, when you can win against someone, yet you lost it to the same one, this is disrespectful to yourself, this is toying with others, like a cat toying with a mouse. However, nowadays people like to be toyed, they do not like to be respected.

Since that day, father had not played another game with me again. We even avoided mentioning the word 'Xiangqi'. In our home, the chess set remained in its place, unmoved, covered with a layer of dust, a very thin layer of dust.

Source : Guangdong Xiangqi Website

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Rivalries Among Grandmasters

Grandmaster Wang Tianyi(王天一), the leading Chinese Xiangqi player, had sometimes lamented rival Grandmaster Zheng Weitong(郑惟桐)of declining to share the point of an obvious drawn game, and to carry on playing a kind of chess grinding(磨)in the endgame stage. He also complained that Zheng Weitong liked to circling around him when he was playing in order to influence his play, further, he even accused Zheng Weitong of once carrying an electronic shielding device as if to prevent him from possible software cheating.

The writer (of the article) felt that Zheng Weitong's above-mentioned three practices seem to be of human nature. In the chess world, quite many players are used to the practice of grinding their opponents (to a halt) in a balanced and even endgame, this is understandable. Take for example Grandmaster Lu Qin(吕钦), in the 2021 Fortuna Cup also did practice the grinding tactic against Grandmaster 'Siberian Tiger' Zhao Guorong(赵国荣). In a simply balanced and drawing endgame, Lu Qin moved on and on, in the hope that Zhao Guorong may accidentally step into overtime, this was indeed bordering on unethical chess, since even when an amateur chess player was playing instead, Lu Qin cannot win in a theoretically drawn endgame.

Many chess fans laughed at Lu Qin for getting into the shoes of Zheng Weitong. Even with Grandmaster Xu Yinchuan(许银川), who has a fairer style of Xiangqi playing, has worn down Grandmaster Meng Chen(孟辰)for more than a hundred moves in an equal and balanced endgame of two Knights versus two Knights, and won in the end by sort of brutal force, picking up a whole point when his opponent lost momentarily concentration. Not a fair and gentlemanly way of winning really.

And Wang Tianyi, though lamenting Zheng Weitong's grinding trickery, he himself grinded his senior Zhao Guorong in a theoretically drawn ending for more than a hundred moves in a 2019 1st Division League's game. It can be seen that grinding your opponents down is something that every chess player will do when opportunity arise, so there is no need to blame Zheng Weitong too much on this matter!

Source :新浪网 作者 我说车你评论

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同舟共济 力战成和

Here is an interesting game between 2 players of the same UK team, Alain Dekker versus Peter Wood in 3rd round of the Paris World Xiangqi Championship 2005:

两名英国队棋手在2005年巴黎第九届世界象棋锦标赛第3轮相遇,迪克对比德乌,激战成和 :

  Alain Dekker v Peter Wood

  1. 兵三进一  (P3+1) 
     马2进3  (N2+3)
  2. 炮二平四  (C2=4)
     炮8平6  (C8=6)
  3. 马二进三  (N2+3)
     马8进7  (N8+7)
  4. 车一平二  (R1=2)
     卒3进1  (P3+1)
  5. 马八进九  (N8+9)
     炮2进4  (C2+4)
  6. 兵五进一  (P5+1)
     炮6平5  (C6=5)
  7. 仕六进五  (G6+5)
     车9进1  (R9+1)
  8. 相七进五  (B7+5)
     车9平6  (R9=6)
  9. 车九平六  (R9=6)
     士4进5  (G4+5)
 10. 车六进四  (R6+4)
     车6进5  (R6+5)
 11. 炮八平七  (C8=7)
     车1平2  (R1=2)
 12. 炮七平八  (C7=8)
     车2平1  (R2=1)
 13. 炮八平七  (C8=7)
     炮2退2  (C2-2)
 14. 马三进二  (N3+2)
     车6退1  (R6-1)
 15. 马二进三  (N2+3)
     车6平5  (R6=5)
 16. 马三进五  (N3+5)
     车5平4  (R5=4)
 17. 马五进七  (N5+7)
     车4退4  (R4-4)
 18. 马七进九  (N7+9)
     炮2平1  (C2=1)
 19. 炮七进三  (C7+3)
     炮1退4  (C1-4)
 20. 炮四平三  (C4=3)
     炮1进2  (C1+2) 
 21. 车二进七  (R2+7)
     车4进1  (R4+1)
 22. 车二平三  (R2=3)
     车4平7  (R4=7)
 23. 炮三进五  (C3+5)
     炮1平7  (C1=7)
 24. 兵三进一  (P3+1)
     象3进5  (B3+5)
 25. 兵三进一  (P3+1) 
     (1/2 - 1/2)
    (和 棋)

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第9届世界象棋锦标赛参赛选手人数及奖金为历届之最,领队及棋手膳宿全部免费,赛事竟争异常激烈,气氛友好和谐。战果如下 :

团体赛 :冠军中国,亚军越南,季军中华台北,殿军美东,第5名中国香港,第6名新加坡,第7名美西,第8名中国澳门。

男子个人赛 :冠军吕钦,亚军李锦欢,季军阮武军,殿军刘殿中,第5名吴贵临,第6名李必炽,第7名郑亚生,第8名何荣耀,第9名赵汝权,第10名高维铉,第11名阮明昭,第12名赖汉顺,第13名纪中启,第14名鲁钟能,第15名黄俊铭,第16名吴震熙。

女子个人赛 :冠军郭莉萍,亚军高懿屏,季军黄玉莹,殿军常虹,第5名吴兰香,第6名殷美娴。

非华裔男子组 :冠军来自香港的邝伟德,亚军德国米歇尔·纳格勒,季军英国阿兰·迪克。

+ + + +

First time happened in Europe. The 9th World Xiangqi Championship 2005 was organized by the French Xiangqi Association.

Led by Mr. Kim Laurent the president, Mr. Francis Corrigan the general secretary, Mr. Liang Yeqing the chief arbiter, they were the leading light of making Xiangqi more popular in Europe.

According to Mr. Xu Songhao, committee chairman of the French Xiangqi Association, the main sponsor of the tournament was Mr. Huang Qiupeng, the president.

Huang Qiupeng loved Xiangqi, he was not a big wealthy man. Outside of work, he enjoyed making friends with Xiangqi players from all over the world.

The 7th World Xiangqi Championship in 2001 was supposed to be hosted by the French Xiangqi Association, but was postponed for various reasons. In 2003, it was postponed again due to the SARS epidemic. Thus four years later, with rising cost, the budget reached as high as 300,000 euros.

True to his words, Huang Qiupeng personally contributed 250,000 euros, the tournament prize money of 30,000 euros was provided by Mr. Huo Zhenting, president of the World Xiangqi Federation, and the other 20,000 euros were sponsored by Huang Qiupeng's friends.

On July 31, 2005, the 9th World Xiangqi Championship was held in New World Chinatown, Paris. 26 teams from 19 countries and regions around the world participated in the competition.

The president of the World Xiangqi Federation, Huo Zhenting, attended the opening ceremony.

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy sent a congratulatory letter and complimented the Chinese community.

The week-long tournament attracted international experts such as Lu Qin of China, Li Jinhuan of Macao and Wu Guilin of Chinese Taipei.

After 7 rounds of intense competition, the race for top honour got more exciting and more heated. China's Lu Qin, Liu Dianzhong and Vietnam's Nguyen Wu Jun respectively scored 6 points and went hand in hand.

In the sixth round of the women's group, China's Guo Liping defeated Australia's Chang Hong with the Black pieces, while Vietnam's Wu Lanxiang defeated Chinese Taipei Gao Yiping with the Red pieces.

On August 6, the 9th World Xiangqi Championship came to a grand conclusion in Paris.

Huang Qiupeng, chairman of the World Championship Organizing Committee and president of the French Xiangqi Association, pronounced that Xiangqi is going to be an important player on the world stage.

The 9th World Xiangqi Championship in France had the highest number of players participation and prize fund ever, free meals and accomodations for all team leaders and players, and the competition itself was fiercest, the atmosphere most friendly. The grand results are as follows:

Team Competition: Champion China, runner-up Vietnam, third runner-up Chinese Taipei, 4th US East, 5th Hong Kong, 6th Singapore, 7th US West, 8th Macao.

Men's Individual : Champion Lu Qin, runner-up Li Jinhuan, third runner-up Nguyen Wu Jun, 4th Liu Dianzhong, 5th Wu Guilin, 6th Li Biji, 7th Zheng Yasheng, 8th He Rongyao, 9th Zhao Ruquan, 10th Gao Weixuan, 11th Nguyen Minh Chao, 12th Lai Han Shun, 13th Ji Zhongqi, 14th Lu Zhongneng, 15th Huang Junming, 16th Wu Zhenxi.

Women's Individual : Champion Guo Liping, runner-up Gao Yiping, third runner-up Huang Yuying, 4th Chang Hong, 5th Wu Lanxiang, 6th Yin Meixian.

Non-Chinese Men's Category: Champion Kwong Weide from Hong Kong, runner-up Michel Nagler of Germany, and third place Alain Dekker of Great Britain.


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开始时双方各16枚棋子 :车、马、炮、兵、将、士、象,分7个棋种,走法各不同,如马行日,象行田,炮隔子打子等。



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Practice Xiangqi to lose weight

Someone once mentioned that practicing Xiangqi is an effective way to lose weight, believe it or not.

Xiangqi is a game in which two people play an intellectual contest on a chessboard. It has a long history and the variations and combinations are ever-changing and limitless (almost).

At the beginning, there are 16 Xiangqi pieces on each side: 2 Rooks, 2 Knights, 2 Cannons, 5 Pawns, 1 General, 2 Advisors, 2 Bishops, divided into 7 types, with different moves, such as Knight moves in a form of rectangle, Bishop moves obliquely across the field, Cannon strikes overhead and so on.

If you can't find someone to play with you, you can play Xiangqi with yourself. Just lay out the board and take turns playing you against yourself, your left hand playing against your right hand!

Playing thus in this way, the use of mental and physical energy is very exerting and exhausting. After playing a game of "self-help chess", you will feel that the brain cells are critically burn out, and you are feeling very hungry too, which is really an interesting way to lose weight.

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2022年1月23日,由澳大利亚与新西兰象棋好手组成的大洋洲队,挑战湖北省象棋冠军、棋王刘宗泽(刘师长) 领队的楚汉英雄会高手,在天天象棋网站展开隔空棋战。



1号台:湖北省象棋冠军、棋王刘宗泽 对 新西兰吴国华 (1-0)

2号台:陈秀轩 对 澳大利亚刘勤(1-0)

3号台:黄辉 对 澳大利亚申冠群(0-1)

4号台:屈海涛 对 澳大利亚阮日光(0-1)

5号台:许新平 对 澳大利亚阮陈杰(1-0)

6号台:许文强 对 澳大利亚杨恩(1-0)

7号台:陈鹏成 对 新西兰方文伟(0-1)

8号台:夏友生 对 新西兰周柏(0-1)

9号台:石教才 对 新西兰陈文伟(0-1)

10号台:田宇 对 新西兰钟敏(1-0)



1号台:澳大利亚刘勤 对 湖北省象棋冠军、棋王刘宗泽(0-1)

2号台:新西兰吴国华 对 陈秀轩(1-0)

3号台:澳大利亚阮日光 对 黄辉(0-1)

4号台:澳大利亚申冠群 对 屈海涛(1-0)

5号台:新西兰钟敏 对 许新平(1-0)

6号台:新西兰陈文伟 对 许文强(1-0)

7号台:新西兰周柏 对 陈鹏成(0-1)

8号台:新西兰方文伟 对 夏友生(1-0)

9号台:澳大利亚杨恩 对 石教才(1-0)

10号台:澳大利亚阮陈杰 对 田宇(1/2 - 1/2)