Wednesday, April 24, 2024



A rare Xiangqi and other cultural activities including table tennis and karaoke,will be organized on Wednesday May 15th, provided kindly by 欧华耆英,details are as follow :

欧华耆英2024年春季活动日期 :


时间 :下午1时30分至5时

地点 :华心会会址 The Meritage Centre, Church End, London NW4 4JT

Hendon Station, bus 143, 183, 326;
Colindale Station, bus 125,
由Hendon Station步行15-16分钟

主持 :黄明坤先生,周素兰女士

节目 :(全体)

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

4th World Xiangqi Open to be held in Dublin

(Xiangqi News) Organized by the World Xiangqi Federation, hosted by the Ireland Xiangqi Association and co-hosted by the European Xiangqi Federation, the 4th World Xiangqi Open 2024 will be held on August 10th-13th, at the Confucius Institute for Ireland, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Republic of Ireland.

The Ireland Xiangqi Association has joined the World Xiangqi Federation recently, it has hosted with success the European Xiangqi Championships last year and in 2022.

Closing date for the Open tournament registration to be on June 30th, 2024.

Competition events include Men’s team; Women’s team; Men’s individual; Women’s Individual, as well as youth group U18, U15 and U12.

Expenses arrangement: Note that each team shall bear its own cost including international traveling expenses and local accommodations. Please book the hotels by yourselves, the Organizing Committee can offer help with recommendations.

A warm welcoming for all participants is waiting at UCD Confucius Institute in Dublin in the golden season of summer!

For further information kindly contact : Mr Xue Zhong Secretary-General European Xiangqi Federation Tel.: +49-89-3795 9568 E-Mail:

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Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Weakness In Moving Forward

Weakness in Moving Forward

by Wang Ran

When verse evades my grasp,
I grasp for it once more,

In moments where progress halts,
I press on as before.

Eyes heavy, feet unsure,
Yet grateful to persist,

To gather fragments of life's lore,
In joy or sorrow's midst.

What flavour does it bear,
This life of ours, we ask?

As we glance back with a gentle air,
All the triumphs, all the misdeeds
Just laughable
Before scattering in the breeze

How to shake off these heavy tones,
And let our spirit ease?

Cold winds rush through my mind,
Leaving thoughts behind.

All empty like a void.
Dead silence, all my senses are shutting down
This moment of ‘lightness’
Enlightens me!

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A Poem by Wang Ran (惘 然)

前 行 乏 力

(作者)惘 然




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Sunday, April 07, 2024

Through Time Machine back to bygone days

Through the "Time Machine", can we go back to the bygone days, so that we see and feel everything still remained the same, almost?

A friend of mine told me frankly that lately there has been fewer updates to the blog, he wondered if there is a shortage of conversation topics, whether the usual activity is at a low point, fading?

The writer searched the shelf and showed him an original diary manuscript that had been kept for a long long time, and after a while, both of us said, why not have it toured on-screen? Okay, let's go. We shall see whether the good old days and the present have anything in common?

And sure, with the words "All rights reserved"!


A new outlook

Last year was quickly gone in the blink of an eye. It's a bit sad to say. Before you know it, a new year has already came into the world. How long has it been since I left my M place? Besides from my family, what happened to my friends over there?

I haven't heard anything from them. In fact, I have no time or interest to write to them yet. .....


Here in this R place, which is somewhat full of French cultural influence, from my personal experience, last year was very ordinary, nothing eventful, and the average local people did not have much merrymaking or drinking in excess. They are very kind and polite, to greet and wish people with Happy New Year.

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