Saturday, November 05, 2016


      2 0 1 6 年 全 英 象 棋 锦 标 赛
        UK Chinese Chess Championship 2016

    主办单位/Organizers: 英国象棋协会 (UK Chinese Chess Association)
    协办单位/Supported: 林拔芙华人社区中心(Lambeth Chinese Community Centre)

    Aim: Promote friendship & cultural activities among communities

    Date:Saturday 26th November 2016 from 10.00 18.00 p.m.

    地点/Venue:林拔芙华人社区中心/Lambeth Chinese Community Centre,
                         69 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9PY

    日程/Schedule: 10.00am (登记/registration), 10.30am (首轮/1st round),
         11.50am (2nd round), 13.00pm (lunch time),14.00pm (3rd round),
         15.20pm (4th round), 16.40pm-17.50pm (5th round).Prize giving.

    交通/Transport:最近地铁站--Nearest Underground:Stockwell Station
                              (步行仅两三分钟,just a walk of two/three minutes)

                        1st:£125+trophy, 2nd £75+trophy, 3rd £50+trophy,
                        fresh player merit prize £20

                       Asian Rules, 5-round Swiss, computer pairing/ranking

    报名/Entry:£10, 截止日期11月24日(Closing date 24th November 2016)

    联系/Contact:黎生电邮, 手机 07944927295 (短信/text)

     I respect decisions of the Organizers, friendly to everyone, complete all my games

Monday, September 26, 2016

Two Premieres at Hamburg


By Dr. René Gralla, Hamburg (Germany)
There has taken place a historic event of Chinese Chess at Hamburg, Germany - because for the first time in the 2200 years of the history of Chinese Chess, there has been battled out a Youth World Championship of Xiangqi, and that very " 'Caissa Cup' 1st World Youth Xiangqi Championship" has been battled out on August 17th and August 18th, 2016, at Hamburg, Germany.
The event has been realized after the German journalist and Xiangqi-enthusiast Dr. René Gralla had presented a corresponding proposal to Mr. Xue Zhong, Deputy General Secretary of the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF), some years ago. And now that vision has become true: Mr. Xue Zhong - who actually lives in Munich and who already organized the Xiangqi World Championship 2015 there during the late days of August last year - has realized that vision of Xiangqi-girls and -boys from different countries deciding over the board who are the brightest of all those hopeful kids from over the planet. 
But why has that premiere of a World Youth Xiangqi Championship taken place at Hamburg, Germany, after all? And not in China - as one might have expected?!
Since China promotes Chinese Chess to be exported - as being part of Beijing's foreign cultural policy - , therefore the big port city Hamburg/Germany has been chosen to host the historic event because Hamburg that the Chinese expatriotes use to call "Han Bao" is the unofficial capital of the Chinese people in Germany. And since Germany is an important country in Europe, therefore China has chosen Hamburg to host that event since Hamburg is the gateway to Europe.
The 1st World Youth Xiangqi Championship has been organized at the scenic Chinese Tea House "Yu Garden" at Hamburg. The event has been part of the official program of the German-Chinese Year of Youth Exchange 2016. In order to underline the significance of that event, Ms. Chen Zelan, the Senior Vice President of the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF), and Mr. Wang Xinting, the Mayor of Xingyang (being is the cultural capital of Xiangqi), have flown in from China in order attend the event.
76 rising stars from four countries - namely China, Vietnam, Russia, and Germany - have competed in the event.
(photo to be inserted here!)
In the end either Chinese or Vietnamese players have won the competitions in all the relevant age groups - and that was no surprise, of courseBut there have happened two other surprising things as having been part of the parallel program of the event.
First of all, there has been presented a colourful set of Chinese Chess in fancyful figurine style that has been produced by the German journalist and lawyer René Gralla ...
(photo to be inserted here!)
and that set has been a great success: All the children wanted to play with that set!

(photo to be inersted here!)  

And not enough with that: There has been introduced to the public an innovative set of Outdoor-Chinese Chess that has been created  as well by the German Xiangqi enthusiast Rene Gralla on the basis of the design of Outdoor-International Chess! And that very set has been exhibited during the event at Yu Garden too.
(photo to be inersted here!)

"That very set of Outdoor-Xiangqi in the design of International Chess underlines the fact that Chess is just one big family, be it Chinese Chess or International Chess!" That has been the statement by the creator Rene Gralla on the occasion of the 1st World Youth Xiangqi Championship at Hamburg.
(photo to be inersted here!) 
The creation of that set has been realized by a way that can be copied by every enthusiast of Xiangqi .

(photo to be inersted here!)  
Herewith the description of the way that very set of Outdoor-Xiangqi in the design of International Chess has been created by Rene Gralla:
- the "board" of Outdoor-Xiangqi will be marked by chalk on the ground, just have a look at the photos
- one takes five of the white Pawns and five of the black Pawns of International Chess in order to represent the Pawns of Xiangqi;
- the Rooks of International Chess will represent the Chariots of Xiangqi;
- the Knights of International Chess will represent the Horses of Xiangqi;
- the Bishops of International Chess will represent the Elephants of Xiangqi;
- the two Kings of International Chess will represent the opposing Generals of Xiangqi.
Plus: one needs one additional White Queen and one additional Black Queen - in order to represent the four Advisors of Xiangqi by using the two White Queens and the two Black Queens for that very purpose.
Finally one has to create the Cannon-pieces, and that works as follows: one takes two white pieces of Outdoor Checkers and two black pieces of Outdoor Checkers, and one fixes white and and black Pawns respectively on top of those white and black pieces of Checkers. In the end those combinations of pieces of Checkers plus Pawns of International Chess look like Cannons of Xiangqi, just have one more look at the photos.
And the fun of playing Xiangqi out there in the sun can get started!

(photo to be inersted here!)  
That innovative set of Outdoor-Xiangqi in the design of International Chess was a great success at Hamburg tooThe kids loved to play with that!
Therefore the WXF should consider to create sets like that too ... in order to invite more people to play Xiangqi in the outside. And that is very important  these days because all too many kids -  let them be from China or from everywhere else  - , use turn to International Chess rather than to Chinese Chess ... because all too many kids think that International Chess is supposed to be more "modern" than Chinese Chess! 
Therefore that outdoor set of fusion chess invites all people  - and kids in particular - to try out Chinese Chess again!

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Mind Sports Olympiad 24th August (Xiangqi)

Mind Sports Olympiad 2016, 21st-29th August 2016.

The annual festival of board game competitions and of mental skills, to be held at the venue JW3, 341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET.

Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) will take place on Wednesday 24th August, 10.15am-13.45pm, with award of gold, silver and bronze medals and prizes of £100, £75, £25 to the winners.

All events are open to spectators, free of charge, new comers are welcome.

For more details/registration, visit the,
tel +44(0)7939 592820

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

European Cup Xiangqi Championship in Scotland

The European Cup Xiangqi Championship 2016 will be held in
Edinburgh Scotland, here are some of the the details  :

1. Holder: European Xiangqi Federation (EXF)
2. Organiser: U.K. Chinese Chess Association
3. Co-organiser: Magna World Ltd (Scotland)
4. Supporter: Edinburgh Confucius Institute
5. Tournament date and venue: May 6-8, 2016
   Inglewood House Hotel,Tullibody Road, FK10 2HU,
   Clackmannanshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
6. Competition Event: Team, Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual, Non-Chinese and Non-Vietnam (NCNV) Individual

Note that the numbers of players in a team is not limited. Each player will be charged £20 for covering partial organization cost.

Prize giving ceremony and grand dinner (Sponsored by Confucius Institute) will start at 17:00 on Sunday

How to get there:

By air, you can arrive at Edinburgh International Airport or Glasgow International Airport

By train, Virgin or Scots Rail to Stirling Station

By car, FK10 2HU, Tullibody Road, Clackmannanshire, 33 miles from Glasgow, 40 miles from Edinburgh

For more detailed information visit the webpage :

Monday, February 08, 2016

Go & Chinese Chess March 4th-6th In Dublin

Go & Chinese Chess Congress March 4th-6th 2016

The Irish Go Association working together with The UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland is presenting the 2016 Irish Confucius Cup tournaments, to take place once again at The Gresham Hotel right in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, and will be comprised of three tournaments:

– The Rapid Go Tournament
– The Confucius Cup Go Tournament
– The Confucius Cup Chinese Chess Tournament

The Chinese Chess tournament will consist of 7 rounds, 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.

Venue of Tournaments:
The Ballroom Suite
The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

Rules: The Chinese Chess tournament is to apply the Asian rules.
Time Settings: 45 minutes basic plus 10 seconds increment per move.

Prizes: cash amounts will be awarded to the top five competitors:
1st place      €1,000
2nd place     €400
3rd place     €300
4th place     €200
5th place     €100

Registration is now open for the Congress. For the Confucius Cup, the entry fee will be free for the Chinese Chess tournament players. Please send entry to Mr Rory Wales, email:

Chinese Chess Schedules:
Saturday 5th March
Round 1: 10.15
Round 2: 12.30
Round 3: 13.45
Round 4: 17.00
(Simultaneous display by Professionals 18.00)
Sunday 6th March
Round 5: 9.00
Round 6: 11.20
Round 7: 13.30
(Games reviews by Professionals afterwards)




— — 围棋快棋比赛
— — 孔子杯围棋比赛
— — 孔子杯中国象棋比赛


The Ballroom Suite
The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

规则: 中国象棋比赛将采用亚洲规则。

时间设置: 基本45分钟,每步加10秒。

奖励: 现金数额奖给成绩最好的五名棋手:

第一名 1,000欧元
第二名 400欧元
第三名 300欧元
第四名 200欧元
第五名 100欧元