Sunday, June 11, 2017

UK Chinese Chess Championship 2017 On 2nd October

Organized by the UK Chinese Chess Association and well supported by the Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation, the UK Chinese Chess Championship 2017 will be held on Monday the 2nd of October, from 10.00am to 18.00pm, this is a 5-round all play all Swiss system tournament, with £150 plus trophy for first prize winner, £75 plus trophy for 2nd prize winner and £50 plus trophy for 3rd prize winner. Additional prizes in kind may be added if and when available.

Venue: The Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation, 58A Birkenhead Street, London WC1H 8BB, nearest underground King's Cross Station (Euston Road exit, about 2-3 minutes walk)

Schedule 10.00am (registration), 10.30am (1st round), 11.50am (2nd round), 13.00pm (*lunch time), 14.00pm (3rd round), 15.20pm (4th round), 16.40pm (5th round), to conclude with Prize giving.

Rules of the play: Asian rules, computer pairing for every round and final ranking of the tournament.

Entry fee £10, closing date will be 30th September 2017.

Kindly contact by email, or by text 07944 927295

*(At lunch time, a rice and meat lunch value £5 available (optional) if ordered at time of registration.)

2017年全英象棋锦标赛定于10月2日(星期一)举行,欢迎象棋爱好者报名参加,高手与初学都可同场竞技,友好切磋。赛事由英国象棋协会主办, 福音戒赌中心热心支持,旨在促进社区群众友谊,丰富人们文娱康乐活动,以棋会友,共同进步。

比赛地点: 福音戒赌中心,The Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation, 58A Birkenhead Street, London WC1H 8BB, 最近地铁站 King's Cross Station, (Euston Road 出口,两分钟步行)

赛事日程: 上午10时(报名),10.30am (第一轮),11.50am (第二轮),13.00pm (午餐时间), 14.00pm (第三轮), 15.20pm (第四轮), 16.40pm (第五轮), 随后进行颁奖式。

棋例: 亚洲棋例, 5轮瑞士制,同分对同分,每人弈满五局,电脑编排对手,计分,最后定名次。

报名: 十英镑,截止日期九月卅日。联系邮址:, 手机(短信) 07944 927295


Saturday, May 06, 2017

1st Penang ShengJi Cup World Youth Xiangqi Open

马来西亚的槟城州,素有 “东方花园” 之美称,2008年被联合国列为世界文化遗产。

首届槟城 “胜记杯” 世界青少年象棋个人公开赛,由马来西亚玻璃市象棋公会与槟城胜记象棋社主办,中国厦门厦和棋院协办,槟城象棋公会支持。



地点: 槟城新光大广场-lot33会展厅。






Malaysia's Penang, known as the "Oriental Garden", in 2008 was recognised by the United Nation as a World Culture Heritage.

The first Penang "ShengJi Cup" World Youth Xiangqi Individual Open, organised by the Malaysian Perlis Xiangqi Association and Penang Sheng Ji Xiangqi Club, sponsored by the Chinese Xiamen Xiahe Xiangqi Qiyuan and the Penang Xiangqi Association.

The aim of the contest is to promote the friendly exchange of young players, and advance the culture and art of the game.

Tournament date: 21 of July 2017 (Friday) to 23 of July 2017 (Sunday).

Venue: lot33 Exhibition Hall, New Everbright Plaza, Penang.

The contest is divided into two groups: 18 years of age (a player born after January 1, 1999) and under 12 years of age (a player born after January 1, 2005).

Number of participants in each group limited to 130 people: Malaysia 40 players (including East Malaysia), China 40 players, special invited players of various National Xiangqi Associations 30 players, others 20 players.

The organizers are going to invite the following: Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, East Malaysia, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, UK, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Macau and other countries/organisations.

The UK can send two players to participate in the above-mentioned events, as special invited players, the organizers will provide them with free accommodation, meals, and local transport. Other players may enroll in their own expense. Players interested can contact the UK Chinese Chess Association as soon as possible in order to understand further the competition regulations, arrangement of selected players (if any) and more.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Confucius Cup in Dublin 3rd-5th March 2017

As in last year, the annual Confucius Cup tournaments in Dublin is to be held at
The Ballroom & O’Connell Suites, The Gresham Hotel, 23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1, starting from Friday 3rd of March finishing on Sunday 5th March 2017.

Chess, Go and Xangqi competitions will be included in the days' events, first prizes for Go and for Xiangqi will be 1,000 euro respectively, 2nd prizes 400 euro, down to 5th prizes of 100 euro.

Registration fee for Go is 25 euro, free entry for Xiangqi.

For more details and registration, visit