Saturday, January 23, 2010


2010年全英象棋锦标赛定于3月27日(星期六)在伦敦东区的 Bethnal Green 举行,欢迎象棋爱好者踊跃报名参加,旨在提高棋艺,促进友谊。

报名办法简单,可给Mr Lai发电子邮件

We are glad to announce the following tournament to be held on Saturday 27th of March 2010, enthusiasts of the game of Xiangqi are welcome to participate. Please send your entry to Mr Lai via email:

2010年 “春节友好杯”全 英 中 国 象 棋 锦 标 赛

The "Chunjie Friendly Cup" UK Xiangqi Championship 2010

主办/Organizers: 英国象棋协会 (UK Chinese Chess Association)

协办/Supported:霖贤学院 (Lam Yin Chinese School & Tuition)

宗旨:增进棋艺爱好者与社会大众友谊,丰富社区文娱康乐活动, 支持民办中文教育
Aim: Develop friendship in communities, promote cultural activities

Saturday 27th of March 2010 from 6.00pm

地点/Venue:霖贤学院(Lam Yin Chinese School & Tuition)at Raines Foundation Lower School, Old Bethnal Green Rd, E2 9RG

交通/Transport: 地铁站-Underground: Bethnal Green (6 to 8 minutes walk)
from the station, go along Cambridge Heath Rd in the direction towards Hackney, turn left at 3rd traffic light, that's Old Bethnal Green Road, by the way St. Judes Rd is adjacent to the school, with low white iron gates, and Hector House, Paris House are opposite the school.

走出Bethnal Green地铁,沿Cambridge Heath Road朝Hackney方向走,第三个交通灯转左,白色矮铁门

奖励/Prizes: 1st: £120, 2nd: £80, 3rd: £60, 4th: £50, 5th: £40, 6th: £30

棋例/Rules: 亚洲棋例,5轮瑞士制。前八名优胜好手晋升为英国棋协象棋大师
Asian rules. 5-round Swiss. Top 8 promoted as Xiangqi Masters

报名费/Entry fee:£15 (未满18岁/Under 18: £10)

截止日期/Closing date: 25th of March 2010

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