Thursday, August 23, 2012

[新书] 来自毛里求斯的象棋


由英国象棋协会主办的2012年全英象棋锦标赛,定于9月16日(星期日)举行,赛场在斯篤威尔社区资源中心,伦敦西南4区士达乐街(Studley Road)1号。

近日,一本定名为 “来自毛里求斯的象棋” 新书,目前排版工作全部完成,作者黎池刚,决定自费出版,和读者见面。该书集结了作者与父亲的对局100局,附录与亲友的对局16局,反映当时当地的棋艺水平。

A London-Manchester match in friendly atmosphere was conducted on Tuesday 31st of July in London, afterwards the Manchester players took the opportunity and toured the Olympic Park.

A new self publish book by C. K. Lai is out in recent days, entitled "Xiangqi From Mauritius", the book is mainly a collection of games played between the author and his father, the limited numbered first edition have for each copy the author's personal seal. 


Anonymous said...

How may the book "Xiangqi From Mauritius" be acquired?

youhao said...

For UK readers, please try the bookshop Guanghwa, 112 Shaftesbury Avenue,London W1D 5EJ(new address), e-mail: