Thursday, April 17, 2008

1st World Mind Sports Games

第一届世界智力运动会象棋比赛规程 (英文)

UKCCA has received invitation to send a team to participate in the 1st World Mind Sports Games, the following English version is for general information for our esteemed readers.

For players who are keen to be included in the UK team, please send e-mail as soon as possible to Mr. Lai at indicating which item(s) of the Xiangqi competition is contemplated. Please make ready for a passport photo to be sent to the organisors in Beijing through e-mail (by participants). UKCCA will have the final decision.

To who may be concerned:

The 1st World Mind Sports Games, hosted by the International Mind Sports Association, will be held in Beijing from October 3rd to 18th, 2008. There are five sports in this event: bridge, chess, go, draughts, and xiangqi with altogether 36 gold medals.

There are 5 gold medals in xiangqi sport, to be detailed:

1. Number of participants and competition schedule:

Event Players Date
1 Rapid (Men) 2, 4-6 Oct
2 Individual (Men) 2, 7-11 Oct
3 Team (Men) 2(2+1 reserve), 13-17 Oct
4 Individual (Women) 2, 6-9 Oct
5 Team (Women) 2(2+1 reserve), 11-14 Oct

2. Qualification for participants:

Each country (region) can only designate one team to participate in the games. The player must be the citizen of the country (region) for which he/she represents.

The International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) will check up on the qualification of all the participating teams and players.

3. Method of entry

(1) Members of the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF) can give their entries directly to the Secretary Department of WXF.

(2) Xiangqi Organizations of the country (region) which haven’t joined the WXF must give their entries through related department or National Olympic Committee of their represented countries (regions).

(3) Each participating team may enter 1 team leader, 1 coach (The team participating in all the five events can enter 2 coaches, but the games’ organizing committee will only bear 1 person’s expenses.) and 12 players.

(4) According to IMSA’s requirements, each participating player should pay the Organizing Committee his or her entry fee of $100 when he or she registers at the games.

The 1st entry: by 30th April 2008. All teams should give their entries including participating events, number of players and contacts to the Secretariat of the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF) so that the Organizing Committee can know the general situation of participation.

The 2nd entry: by 15th June 2008. All teams should send the chromophotos of the players and members of the delegation to the mailbox of the Secretariat of WXF by e-mail.

The 3rd entry: by 15th July 2008. In order to arrange the welcome and send-off schedule, all teams please confirm the name list of participation and give clear indication of the flight number of arrival and departure.

Would you please inform the Secretariat of WXF if any team has special reasons and need more time to confirm their name list of participation.

5. Expenses

(1) The Organizing Committee will bear the expenses of accommodation and food of the people designated in the regulations during the games.

(2) Each team shall bear its own international traveling expenses.

(3) As for the extra people, they shall pay all expenses for themselves. The Organizing Committee is now in the process to coordinate on the standard of the prices. Once decided, we will inform you later.

6. Address of the Secretariat of the World Xiangqi Federation:

Address: No. 80 Tian Tan Dong Rd., Beijing, China

Postcode: 100061

Contact Person: Mr. Zhou Ying, Mrs. Liu Xiaofang

Tel: 86-10-67115732, 87559130, 87559132

Fax: 86-10-87559133


You are kindly requested to organize teams to participate in the 1st WMSG to exchange xiangqi skills and promote the development of xiangqi.

If you like to know more information about the games, please login the official website of the 1st WMSG (, China Qi-Yuan website ( and Chinese Xiangqi Association website (

CC: President of World Xiangqi Federation, Mr. Timothy Fok

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