Saturday, April 05, 2008

Food & Cultural Festival in Mauritius

In Mauritius, the 4th Annual China Town Food & Cultural Festival kicks off in great splendour today Saturday 5th April, the 3-days festival finishing on Monday 7th April will see many popular programs and attractions held at Royal Street, at
Chan Stadium and at Heen Foh Hall, these programs include Police Band Parade, Dragon & Lion Dance, Music, Hebei Acrobatic Troupe of China, Martial Arts, Taiji, Choirs, Singing, Fashion Show, and for the 1st time a Xangqi (Chinese Chess) OpenTournament. Free admission, all are welcome.

We gladly reproduce here a message from Ms Annabelle Kok Shun, President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

It's the Time of the Annual Festival in the Streets of Chinatown!

Each year thousands of locals and tourists visit our Chinatown for its rich cultural heritage. China Town is a unique place with produce and grocery stores that spill onto the streets with colourful displays and specialinterest shops where pedestrians can walk in and out.

China Town is where the businesses of our grand parents started more than 150 years ago, and where theearly Chinese immigrants settled down, opened shops, restaurants and pharmacies, built schools and set upthe offices for their respective trade and cultural societies.

Today, unfortunately, the small shops are having to rival with the services of emerging large shopping malls,and if these small businesses disappear, China Town will no longer be the same. It will be part of our livinghistory which will be gone!

Through the China Town Food and Cultural Festival, we aim to help revitalising business activities in ChinaTown by bringing shoppers and their families, and lovers of Arts & Culture to discover the delicious food,the artistic talents, and the excellent bargains it can offer.

2008 is a special year for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce as we have reached the historical milestone of100 years in our destiny. In line with our centennial festivities we are bringing a few innovations on ChineseCulture to visitors, and introducing Chinese Chess which is perhaps the most popular board game in the
world, played by millions of people in China and other parts of Asia.

Throughout the Festival, shops will stay open till late, and restaurants will serve their best specialities. Manylocal artists will perform for the joy of visitors, young and old alike, and the streets will be enlivened withmodern as well as Classical Chinese music and songs, and will be decorated with Chinese Lanterns, settingthe mood for the Festival. Our star performers will include the world finest and renowned Hebei AcrobaticTroupe from China who will leave you breathless and cheering for more. And as in past editions, we willhold our popular Little Miss and Best Costume Competition.

Welcome to China Town and let us have a great festival celebration!

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