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Basic Opening Problems (2)

Basic Opening Problems (2) - Sped-up Thrust of "wrong" Red Pawn
plus Red Horse on right wing versus Windscreen Horses

By Dr. Rene Gralla, Hamburg, Germany

In part 1 of our discussion of basic opening problems we have watched Red - in case of Left-to-Centre-Right Wing Cannon Opening - pushing the "wrong" Red Pawn up right wing and across the river by P3+1+1 so that Black's foray of the C.K.Lai-Horse by H8+7+8 via Black's left wing against Red's right wing does not work smoothly. But the situation can even get more murky provided Red speeds up the thrust P3+1+1 so that Black can not even think of deploying the C.K.Lai-Horse.

What to do now? The following encounter does not pretend to give an answer - but at least the protocol of that clash can give an idea of the possible consequences of the sped-up thrust of "wrong" Red Pawn.


In the basic scenario of Left-to-Centre-Right Wing-Cannon Opening the commander of Red Army executes the sped-up thrust of the "wrong" Right Wing-Pawn across the river by 2.P3+1 ... & 7.P3+1?!?! ... after 5.R2+6 ... plus 6.R2=3xP ... so that Black can not even dare thinking of deploying the C.K.Lai-Horse by hypothetically 8. ... H7+8 after 1. ... H8+7.

Black gets nervous and hastily attacks Red Chariot by 7. ... C9=7?!? instead of cooly fortifiying the centre first by 7. ... A4+5. Therefore Black is forced to kill Red Pawn by 8. ... C7+3xP after 7. ... C9=7?!?, and the advanced position of Black Cannon is less than ideal now. Of course the possible consequence of 9.R4=3??? ... is not a real "trap" (9. ... C7+5xE check & 10. ... C7-6xR), and Red wisely moves his Right Wing-Elephant to the border (9.E3+1 ...).

Unfortunately Red Commander spoils his chances after a central melee since as a consequence of 11.C5+4xP check? ... and 11. ... H3+5xC he tries out the lethal "trading-in" of one Chariot against one Horse by 12.R4=5xR?? ... because he overlooks that Red Chariot could have escaped via 12.R4+2 ... in spite of the foregoing Black 10. ... C2+1.

The final attack starts after 20. ... R1+1!. The menace: 21. ... R1=6. If Red wants to buy time by attacking Black Cannon - 22.R9=8 ... - Black sacrifices that unit anyway: 21. ... R1=6 22.R8+3xC R6+8xA check 23.K5+1 R8-1 check 24.K5+1 R6-1!, and there is no way of preventing 25. ... R8-1 mate (25.H7-5 R8-1 mate).

Red tries to let his central Horse come to the rescue, but after 21.H5-6 ... Black gives up his Right-Wing Cannon anyway: 21. ... R1=6!, and, though Red wisely declines that offer - 21.H6-8xC R6+8xA check 22.K5+1 R8-1 check 23.K5+1 R6-1! 24.H7-5 R8-1 mate - by centralizing one of his Horses (22.H6-5! ...), the end is nigh after the Cannon's decisive back-swing 22. ... C2-3! - because of 23.R9+1 C2=5!.

Now Red Horse can not be saved - please see: 24. ... C5+4xH 25.E7+5xC? R8=6xA check 26.K5+1 R6+7 mate - , and 24.K5=6 ... is no option either: 24. ... C5+4xH. Since 25.E7+5xC ... still does not work because of 25. ... R7+8xA check 26.K6+1 R8-1check! 27.H7-5 ... (if 27.K6+1 ..., then 27. ... R8=1xR 28.H7-9xR? R6=4 mate) 27. ... R6=5! and menacing 28. ... R8=5xH check & 29. ... R5=9xR (if 28.K6+1 ..., then 28. ... R8=5xH and winning), Red resorts to a desperate 25.R1=5 .... But 25. ... R6=4 check enforces unconditional surrender: 26.R5=6 R8=6xA mate.

Red: Feng Xu
Black: Dr. Rene Gralla

November 11th, 2004, Hamburg, Germany; friendly game, Cafe "Transmontana"

Left-to-Centre-Right Wing-Cannon and Over-the-River-Chariot versus Windscreen Horses

Dr Rene Gralla

Feng Xu

1.C2=5 H8+7 2.P3+1 P3+1 3.H2+3 H2+3 4.R1=2 R9=8 5.R2+6 C8=9 6.R2=3xP C9-1 7.P3+1?!?! C9=7?!? 8.R3=4 C7+3xP 9.E3+1 E3+5 10.H3+4 C2+1 11.C5+4xP check? H3+5xC 12.R4=5xH?? H7+5xR 13.H4+5xH R8+7 14.C8=5 C7+2 15.E1+3 C7+3 check 16.A4+5 R8+2 17.C5=4 C7=4xA check 18.C4-2 C4=6xC 19.A5-4xC C2+3 20.H8+7 R1+1! 21.H5-6 R1=6! 22.H6-5! C2-3! 23.R9+1 C2=5! 24.K5=6 C5+4xH 25.R1=5 R6=4 check 26.Resigns 0-1


The foregoing examples have demonstrated that the Over-the-River-assault of Red's Right Wing-Chariot can turn out to be risky. Therefore - still in the variant of pushing forward the "wrong" Red Pawn - Red sometimes tries out to move out Right Wing-Horse without the back-up by Red Chariot.

Black experiments with a dubious gambit (6. ... C8+5!?), but after winning some material Red ignores the attack by Black Horse (9. ... H5+4!). After the beginning of Black's bombardment (10. ... C2=5 check) Red stumbles into a central pin, thus being forced to station his Horse in the centre of palace (11.H7-5 ...). The swing of Black Horse - 11. ... H4+6! - is already the winner because of the pincer attack 12. ... H6+8xC and/or 12. ... H6+7 mate (12.C2=4??? R8+9xR).

Later on Black trades in one Horse for a Red Chariot and generously gives back some material (20.R6=7xP ... & 21.R7+4xE check ...) for the sake of the final attack: after 23. ... R2=6! there is no defence left against 24. ... R6+1xA mate.

Red: Jianwei Huang
Black: Dr. Rene Gralla

January 29th, 2007, Hamburg, Germany; friendly game, Restaurant "Suedsee"

Left-to-Centre-Right Wing-Cannon and Riverbank-based Right Wing-Horse
without Over-the-River-Chariot versus Windscreen Horses

Dr. Rene Gralla

Jianwei Huang

1.C2=5 H8+7 2.P3+1 H2+3 3.H2+3 R9=8 4.R1=2 P3+1 5.H3+4!? A4+5 6.H8+7 C8+5!? 7.C5+4xP check! H3+5xC 8.H4+5xH H7+5xH 9.C8=2xC H5+4! 10.R9=8? C2=5 check 11.H7-5 H4+6! 12.R2+1 R8+7xC 13.R2=4 H6-5 14.R2+4 C5+4xP check 15.E7+5 H5+4 16.R8+1 C5-4 17.R8=6?? H4+6 check 18.R4-3xH R8=6xR 19.R6+4 R1=2! 20.R6=7xP R2+5! 21.R7+4xE check A5-4 22.P7+1 R2+1 23.R7-3 R2=6! 24.Resigns 0-1


Sometimes the sped-up Right Wing-red Horse (4.H3+4!? ... ) turns wild - by eating Black's Left wing-Pawn (5.H4+3xP!? ...). So what?! The winning formula can go like that: letting Red Horse idle away time on Red point 3vii / Black point 7iv - and speeding up attack via the opposite wing.

Black sacrifices one Horse (19. ... H4+6!) in order to conquer Red's "Wou Cao Xiang" on the right wing. Then Black crushes through Red defence via Black line 4 / Red line 6.

Red: Feng Xu
Black: Dr. Rene Gralla

October 30th, 2004, Hamburg, Germany; friendly game, Cafe "Transmontana"

Left-to-Centre-Right Wing-Cannon and Riverbank-based Right Wing-Horse
without Over-the-River-Chariot versus Windscreen Horses

Dr. Rene Gralla

Feng Xu

1.C2=5 H8+7 2.P3+1 H2+3 3.H2+3 R9=8 4.H3+4!? P3+1 5.H4+3xP!? H3+2 6.C8+5xC C8=2xC 7.H8+9 E3+5 8.H3-4 R8+6 9.H4-3 R8=7 10.R1+2 A4+5 11.R9+1 R1=4 12.R9=7 R4+5 13.P1+1 R4=7xP 14.H3-1 H7+6 15.C5+4xP FR7=5xP check 16.R1=5 R5+1xR check 17.E3+5xR R7+1 18.A6+5 H6+4 19.C5-1 H4+6! 20.C5=8xH H6+7 check 21.K5=6 R7=4 check 22.R7=6 C2=4 23.A5+6 R4+1xA! 24.C8-4 H7-5xE check 25.A4+5 C4+6xR 26.C8=7 C4=9xH 27.K6=5 R4+1 28.Resigns 0-1

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