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人生的过程有很多惊险,棋手们也不例外。象棋特级大师胡荣华也曾遇到惊险万分的一次交通事件。 这事件由胡荣华亲自讲述,格外令人感到险象环生,真有一种从鬼门关逃出生天的感觉。




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Life is full of surprise and danger, and chess players are no exception. Xiangqi Grandmaster Hu Ronghua also had encountered a perilous traffic incident. This incident was personally narrated by Hu Ronghua, which is particularly impressive, and there is really a feeling such as of escaping from the hell's gate.

It happened that during the 5th Shanghai Municipal Games in 1974, the organizers invited some participating chess players to factories, schools, communes, and military units to perform simultaneous display.

On one occasion, Hu Ronghua and other Xiangqi players were passengers of a large truck travelling to a chemical factory in Zhoupu. The size of the truck was that big it can seat 5 people in the cab, one can imagined. As the truck crossed a bridge, it collided with another large truck coming from the opposite side, and with a bang, the factory's truck was seriously damaged, the driver's legs were clamped and could not move. Hu Ronghua himself and other chess players had injuries of varying degrees, but fortunately, there were no fatalities.

According to Hu Ronghua's account of the incident, an umbrella he was carrying with was later found to have been severely twisted, and he himself was quite frightened, later he joked that the umbrella must have been injured in his place instead.

Years later, when Hu Ronghua recalled or talked to his friends about this fearful and unusual episode, he had got a sense of some realisation, of some understanding. It reflected in his tournament games, clearly whatever the difficulty, whatever the dangerous situation, he will remain calm and cool, whether when facing failure or when facing success.

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