Thursday, November 08, 2007

1st Mind Sports Games Beijing '08


There have been Mindsports Olympiads many times in London and other cities. Now, we will have for the first time the International Mind Sports Games next year in China.

According to sports news, the 1st International Mind Sport Games will be held in Beijing in October, 2008. On September 26th this year, the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) President Jose Damiani announced that the four IMSA members of Go, Bridge, Chess, Draughts as well as Xiangqi will organised its first World Mind Sports Games in Beijing from 3rd to 18th October 2008, just a few weeks after hosting the Olympic games.

More than 2,500 players from over 100 countries are expected to compete in about 30 medal events in the 1st Mind Sports Games. There will be individual, team and pair competitions.

"Through the International Mind Sport Games, more people will become aware of the value and joy of mental competition," says Roy Laird, Chairman of American Go Associaton's Board of Directors.

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