Sunday, November 04, 2007

An old-master game

Grandmaster Li Yiting was born in 1937 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. He won the National Championship in 1958, at the tender age of 21, and became the second person ever to hold the lofty title since national competition was instituted, after the legendary Grandmaster Yang Guanlin.

Later, due to the Cultural Revolution and other circumstances, he turned his back on competition and vowed not to touch any chess pieces anymore, instead, he choose to concentrate on teaching the young. For some, he is a tragic figure, for others he is a model man of ideal.

The following game was played a few years ago by the old-master against Li Jinghua of Hong Kong in an rare public exhibition.



1.炮二平六 马2进1 2.马二进三 车9进1
3.车一平二 象3进5 4.马八进九 车9平4
5.士四进五 车4进3 6.车二进四 卒1进1
7.相三进五 马8进9 8.兵九进一 马1进2
9.兵九进一 马2进3 10.马九进八 车4平1
11.车九进五 车1进4 12.马八进七 车1平3
13.车二平七 车3进1 14.相五进七 马3退1
15.炮八进二 马1进2 16.相七退五 马2退4
17.兵三进一 卒7进1 18.兵三进一 炮8进1
19.马三进四 炮8平3 20.马四退六 象5进7
21.炮八进二 士6进5 22.炮八平五 象7退5
23.马六进五 炮3平4 24.兵五进一 马9进7
25.炮五平一 马7进5 26.兵五进一 象7进9
27.炮一平五 将5平6 28.兵一进一 炮2进2
29.炮六进一 炮4平1 30.炮六平四 象5进3
31.兵五平四 士5进6 32.炮五退一 炮2平5
33.兵四平五 士6退5 (和)

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