Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dockland tournament on February 16

为庆祝农历新年到来,大众同乐,欢迎象棋爱好者报名参加由英国象棋协会与东伦敦越南社区协会2月16日(星期六)举办的 “迎新春中国象棋公开赛”,地点是: 197 East Ferry Road London E14 3BA.


奖励办法: 冠军奖金150镑, 亚军奖金100镑, 季军奖金60镑, 直到第8名也有奖。

主办方现开始接受电子邮件报名,请发到:, 谢谢合作。

As our esteemed readers may already know, the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year is coming soon.

A New Year Xiangqi Open Tournement will be organised on Saturday 16th of February 2008, from 10.30am to 19.00pm, 5 or 6-round Swiss system, at Dockland Settlement Centre, 197 East Ferry Road London E14 3BA. There will be Lion Dance, traditional dances and songs, and Karaoke down stair.

Upstair in the spacious hall, will be the playground for the Open Tournament. There will be a top prize of £150.00 for 1st winner, £100.00 for the 2nd winner, £60 as the third prize, £50 the fourth prize, £40 for the fifth, £30 for the sixth, £25 for the seventh and £20 for the eighth placed competitor.

The announcement is a bit short on time, however this is sorted out now, so welcome to all, for registration please let the organisors know if you can make it (an e-mail to: is acceptable).

Entry fee for the tournament: £10.

Food, Drinks will be provided free.

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