Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A new blog is created

My friend Kw told me several times "Chess of the Wuzhi Mountain" is the book he loves most. He urged me to get it published in my blog(s). Thanks for his encouragement, so a new one is thus to be created...

The following passage appears in the book :

Mr. Shu Ming Li, a Xiangqi fighter.

I am happy to be associated with Mr. Shu Ming Li, a veteran of Xiangqi and a famous chess activist, to produce this book, "Chess of the Wuzhi Mountain". Both of us did not put too much pressure on ourselves. Here is a book of five mover, White to win, sometimes to draw. It is not a long theoretical work. It is a product of the modern society, always under [time] pressure, under intense competition, answering people's attitude of no time to play the game of Xiangqi, or whatever, while trying to attract new players by lessening their fears of long and dry bookish memorization.

Mr. Li is well versed in [the art of] composition, he can also write charming poetry. At the age of 16, he [dared] to challenge the famous player of the time, Mr. Feng Jingru. His articles appeared in newspapers and magazines since 1930 's, and he is also a keen collector of chess books. Many valuable books and games scores were thus preserved for posterity....

Each time when I received his letter, I was greatly moved. It was a rare opportunity to learn from the master, but being a mediocre student myself, I was not able to profit much, regrettably.

Last year when I played in the Forshang Cup in Las Vegas, I was unable to give him a visit due to shortness of time. However, by putting my name with Mr. Shu Ming Li together, I got a travel card in the Xiangqi world, now people will know me better, they will be more open to me, play more games, talk more, and exchange more news and ideas with me. The world really seems a better place ! ....

"Chess of the Wuzhi Mountain"
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