Thursday, August 24, 2006

Victories All The Way Game 2


On the 16th of August, Victories All The Way's Game No.1 was posted.

Here we present Game No.2

“自”字 信手炮(共五局)

1. 炮八平五 炮2平5 2. 马八进七 马2进3
3. 车九进一 车1平2 4. 车九平四 士6进5
5. 车四进七 马8进9 6. 兵三进一 车2进6
7. 马二进三 车2平3 8. 马三进四 卒3进1
9. 兵一进一 卒3进1 10. 兵一进一 卒9进1
11. 车一进五 卒3平4 12. 车四平二 炮8平7
13. 马四进五 马3进5 14. 炮五进四 车3进1
15. 车一进二 车9进2 16. 车二平五 士4进5
17. 炮二进七 (1-0)

Game No.2

1. C8=5 C2=5
2. N8+7 N2+3
3. R9+1 R1=2
4. R9=4 G6+5
5. R4+7 N8+9
6. P3+1 R2+6
7. N2+3 R2=3
8. N3+4 P3+1
9. P1+1 P3+1

Notes & Interpretations

Red varies, and launches the offensive through the advance of the edge Pawn. It is better for Black to play 9. ... C8=6, preparing fo the development of the left Rook, instead of the Pawn move.

10. P1+1 P9+1
11. R1+5 P3=4
12. R4=2 C8=7
13. N4+5 N3+5

Notes & Interpretations

Had Black played 12. ... C8=6 instead of the text move, the threat exerted by Red through the centre, after the exchange of Knights, can be avoided.

14. C5+4 R3+1
15. R1+2 R9+2
16. R2=5 G4+5
17. C2+7 Mate

Notes & Interpretations

Red sacrifices two Rooks in succession; all suddenly and explowsively, the defenders, stunned, are just left totally powerless to react. What an astonishing finish !

Views & Impressions

In this game, once again, we have the occasion to witness a stunning two Rooks sacrifice, though, basically it is quite different from the Rooks sacrifice of the first game. The readers are given a glimpse here of how a devastating attack can suddenly burst out from nowhere ! Red's 14. C5+4 is comparable to the crashing down of the whole Taishan mountain over the top of a defending fortress (泰山压顶), with tremendous and unbearable pressure.

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