Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An unexpected encounter

We thank heartily Frank for the following interesting article about playing the game at a touristic place revisited....

An unexpected encounter


About 30 players gathered in Haarlem NL last August in the Zhou Shouju Cup (25th European Xiangqi Championship).

Because I had such a good time: playing in the tournament and adding a few day’s holiday, I went back for another week again this June.

I took my small plastic set thinking that, somehow, I might have a chance to play.

As it happens, the hotel has some game tables and I opened up the paper ‘board’ leaving the box of chess pieces nearby. Any passing chess player would know the significance instantly.

Within a minute or two a young Chinese player spoke to me and we began our first game. We were quickly joined by five or so of his tour party and all took part in an impromptu competition. Many of the tourists come from Xian. After nearly two hours play the party dispersed in good spirits.

I think after their tour is over they will look back at this interlude and be mildly surprised, as I am, with our unexpected encounter.

~FP June 2007~

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