Sunday, April 08, 2007


4月28日在 Kentish Town 的 "中国象棋日" 活动, 将有一两场 "过两关人机擂台赛", 奖金高达£150. 攻擂者一律执红棋先行, 双方每局限时各30分钟, 赢棋为过关. 报名先者登台攻擂.


Alain Dekker said...

Can you please post the details in English? My Chinese is not too good! :o)

youhao said...

Thank you Alain, hope see you there, as you may already guessed, there will be one or two Man versus Machine challenge games, rate of play 30 minutes per side to finish all moves, prize(s) offered as high as £150. !