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2007年 “ 友 好 杯 ” 全 英 象 棋 锦 标 赛
The‘You Hao Cup' UK Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Championship 2007

主 办 / Organisor : 英 国 象 棋 协 会 (UK Chinese Chess Association)

协 办 / Co-Organisor : 东 伦 敦 越 南 社 区 协 会 (Vietnamese Community In East London)

宗 旨 : 促进棋艺爱好者及社会大众友谊,提高对象棋兴趣和水准,丰富社区文娱康乐活动
Aims Develop friendship among communities, increase general interest of the game

日 期 : 2007年9月8日(星期六)上午十时卅分到下午七时
Date Saturday 8th of September 2007 from 10.30am to 19.00pm

地点/Venue : Dockland Settlement Centre, 197 East Ferry Rd, London E14 3BA

交 通 : 最近车站MUDCHUTE (Dock Light Railway轻铁), 约五分钟步行可到赛场。巴士则有 D7, D3 (D6远一点,步行约10分钟)
Transport Nearest Station MUDCHUTE (DLR train), 5 minutes walking from Station to the Centre. For buses there are D7 and D3 (D6 will take about 10 minutes walking time)

奖 励 : 棋艺与友谊并重,设冠军奖120镑,亚军60镑,第三40镑,第四20镑。另有两个排名奖,各10镑。
Prizes 1st £120, 2nd £60, 3rd £40, 4th £20, plus 2 grading prizes of £10 each.

棋 例/报名 : 亚洲棋例。报名费十镑。六轮瑞士制 [10:30-11:40; 11:50-13:00 [Lunch 13:00-13:40] 13:40-14:50; 15:00-16:10; 16:20-17:30 and final round 17:40-18:50]
Entry Fee Asian rules. Entry fee £10. 6-rounds Swiss system. 35 minutes per player per game.

截止日期 : 2007年九月六日 (有茶水及午餐招待)
Closing date 6th September 2007 (Refreshment and lunch for all participants)


Participants can send entry to tournament organisor via email:

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