Sunday, May 20, 2007



在这里我们顺便提及,获通知参加世锦赛的领队及棋手 (英国),请尽早寄给棋会近照两张,以作报名之用。

In earlier posting we mentioned the competition of the 10th World Xiangqi Championships, today we add some more details:

Each member association may send a delegation consisting of a team leader, two male players and one female player. For non-Chinese/Vietnamese players, the number is not limited, though only 3 of them will get free accommodation, meals and local transportation.

Family and friends accompanying will have to cover their own expenses themselves at the charge of :

Twin-bed room: US$ 80 per day per person (including meals and lodging)
Single-bed room: US$ 130 per day per person (including meals and lodging)

For team leader/players participating, it is of interest to note that two (2) recent photos are needed for registration purposes, and the sooner the better.

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