Wednesday, August 15, 2007


An interesting game between World No.1 Xu Yinchuan (Guangdong) and Wang Yang (Zhejiang), played today Wednesday 15th of August 2007, in round 15th of the Xiangjia League.

Red started basically with 80 minutes, Black with 25 minutes. In case of draw, Black gets full point.

这是 "七斗星杯" 象甲联赛第13轮的一盘对局,弈于2007年8月15日。


陈富杰 (广东) 0:1 郑一泓 (厦门)
许银川 (广东) 1:0 汪洋 (厦门)
林文限 (厦门) 0:1 黄海林 (广东)
吕钦 (广东) 0:1 谢岿 (厦门)

红方: 许银川
黑方: 汪洋 (25分钟)

汪 洋


红胜。 Black resigned.

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