Saturday, August 25, 2007


Confucius the Sage is nowadays honouring once again the ancient game of Xiangqi.

A prestigious tournament will be organized in October during the Confucius Cultural Week in Shandong's Qufu, the native land of the Sage, with prize money of 30,000 yuan for the winner of the competition. The total prize fund for the Confucius Cultural Week tournament will be around 90,000 yuan.

[转载] 曲阜孔子文化周象棋联谊赛10月举行


来源: 生活日报

据山东棋牌网消息, 由曲阜市人民政府、济宁市节会办公室举办的中国曲阜国际孔子文化节 - - 孔子文化周象棋联谊赛将于10月14日至19日在曲阜市明故城墙上举行.




Source: Hebei Xiangqi Website
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