Thursday, August 30, 2007


How long it takes to finish a game ? From time to time people are bound to ask a question like this.

Here we re-play three games with superfast timing : 1 minute to complete all the moves ! Thanks are due to the popular Yitian Xiangqi Website.



[转载] 弈天一分钟超快棋3局

来源: 山东象棋网

红棋: ocpco (6星)
黑棋: 初学者中的 (1星)
战果: 红胜

Black resigned.

红棋: 卧龙方城 (8弦)
黑棋: ocpco (6星)
战果: 黑胜


红棋: 棋侠棋 (6星)
黑棋: ocpco (6星)
战果: 红方断线判负

Red disconnected, game lost.

Source: Shandong Xiangqi Website
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